imagine #youdreamerdu

Rotterdam 2015

Imagine there are no billionaires in politics. It’s easy if you try. You may say #youdreamerdu, but I am not the only one

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Engadin July 2022

Never May the Fruit Be Picked


By Edna St. Vincent Millay  Never, never may the fruit be plucked from the bough And gathered into barrels. He that would eat of love must eat it where it hangs. Though the branches bend like reeds, Though the ripe fruit splash in the grass or wrinkle on the tree, He that would eat of … Continued


November: Two girls singing


It neither was the words nor yet the tune. Any tune would have done and any words. Any listener or no listener at all. As nightingales in rocks or a child crooning in its own world of strange awakening, or larks for no reason but themselves So on the bus through late November running, by … Continued


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